Garbage Collection Schedule


January 2010





Effective January 25, 2010 the Town’s policy for the collection of garbage will be changed.

In all areas of town, all garbage cans and trash must now be placed at curbside, as is done now for recycling and bulk-trash pick-up.  This change is being made as a cost-saving measure, and to improve efficiency. 

As part of this re-organization, routes are being modified, and days of collection in some instances will be changed.  The hour at which your garbage is collected will also probably change due to the new alignment of routes. You will be better able to estimate it as we all become accustomed to the new routes. It is still required that you have your garbage and trash out either the night before collection or before 6 AM on the day of collection.

Beginning January 25th, all residences in the Blue Zone will have Monday and Thursday pick-ups.  All residences in the Black Zone will have Tuesday-Friday pick-ups.  Please see the attached list of streets located in each zone to identify your collection days.  All garbage collection will be curbside only.

Please contact the Sanitation Department at 914-670-3209 should you have any questions regarding your garbage collection. 

In advance, I thank you for your cooperation.

Anthony P. Robinson

Commissioner of Public Works



Sanitation Collection Routes
Blue Zone - Monday and Thursday

Anderson Hill Road Golden Pond Road Merion Drive Sherbrooke Park
Ann Street Grant Street Mount Holly Drive Sherman Avenue
Arbor Way Griswold Road New King Street Silver Stream Road
Augusta Court Halliday Court New Street Sky Meadow Farm
Avery Court Hampton Road Nichols Court Southview Court
Azalea Circle Hancock Street Oak Ridge Court Spring Lake Drive
Baltusrol Drive Harrison Boulevard Oak Street (Uptown) Star Farm Road
Barnes Lane Harrison Street Oak Valley Lane Stone Gate Lane
Beechwood Avenue Harrow's Lane Oakmont Drive Stoneleigh Manor Road
Beechwood Circle Harwich Lane Old Lake Street Stonewall Circle
Belmont Avenue Hearst Way Old Lyme Road Stony Hill Road
Beverly Court Hickory Pine Court Old Mill Road Stonycrest Road
Beverly Road (Purchase) High Ridge Road Old Orchard Street Stratton Drive
Biltmore Avenue High Street Old Well Road Sycamore Court
Boulevard Street Highland Park Place Ophir Drive Sylvanleigh Road
Bowman Avenue Highland Ridge Lane Orchard Drive Tam-O-Shanter Drive
Brae Burn Drive Highland Road Park Avenue (Uptown) Taylor Avenue
Buckout Road Hilltop Place Park Drive North The Crossing
Burnes Road Horton Court Park Drive South (# 53 & Above) Timber Trail
Carriage Hill Road Indian Hill Road Park Lane Underhill Avenue
Castlebrook Road Jamison Court Park Place (Uptown) Underhill Place
Cedar Lane Jefferson Street Parkside Court Warren Place
Century Ridge Road Katsura Drive Parkview Avenue Washington Street
Clark Place Kempner Lane Pearl Avenue Webb Avenue
College Road Kingston Avenue Pebble Beach Drive West Red Oak Lane
Columbus Avenue Kirby Lane Pheasant Drive Westchester Avenue
Corporate Park Drive Knightsbridge Manor Road Pine Street Westerleigh Road
Cottage Avenue Lake Street Pinehurst Drive Westview Court
Country Club Drive Lakeside Drive Pineview Circle White Deer Lane
Coventry Court Lakeview Avenue Pilgram Road White Oak Circle
Cypress Pont Drive Laurel Way Plymouth Road White Plains Avenue
Daniel Street Legend Court Polly Park Road (# 350 thru 595) Willow Street
Dawson Court Lincoln Avenue Polly Road Windsor Court
Dey Street Lincoln Lane Pond's Lane Windsor Place
Dorado Drive Lincoln Woods Pondview East Woodland Road
Dorann Road Linden Drive Pondview West Woodside Avenue
Duxbury Road Livingston Street Preston Avenue Woodside Lane
Edgewood Lane Locust Avenue (Uptown) Purchase Hills Drive Yarmouth Road
Edward Street Loden Lane Purchase Lane  
Elmwood Avenue Lowell Road Purchase Street  
Essex Way Macri Avenue Puritan Road  
Fairway Drive Madison Street Puritan Woods Road  
Farley Avenue Magnolia Drive Quaker Lane  
Flagler Drive Main Place Revere Lane  
Forest Lake Drive Main Street Rockland Road  
Fox Run Manhattan Avenue Rockledge Road  
Gainsborg Avenue Manhattanville Road Rocky Ridge Road  
Gannet Drive Mayfair Circle Scott Circle  
Glen Park Drive Meadow Lane Scott Lane  
Glen Park Road Meadow Wood Lane Shelley Lane  



Sanitation Collection Routes
Black Zone - Tuesday and Friday
Adams Place Dante Drive Kenilworth Lane Rigene Close
Adelphi Avenue Davenport Street Kenilworth Road River Terrace
Alexander Avenue Delevan Lane Kervan Road Rock Lane
Allen Place Dinsmore Place King Street Rockwell Street
Amelia Earhart Lane Dorchester Road Landolfe Place Rolling Hills Lane
Archer Place Doreen Place Laurelwood Court Rose Avenue
Archer Road Ellsworth Avenue Lawrence Lane Rugby Road
Argyle Road Emerson Avenue Lincoln Avenue Rye Ridge Place
Avondale Road Emerson Place Lockwood Place Rye Ridge Road
Bardion Lane Fenimore Drive Locust Avenue (Downtown) Saddletree Lane
Batavia Place First Street Lorraine Place Second Street
Bates Road Frances Avenue Love Lane Seneca Trail
Beaver Landing Franklin Avenue Macy Road Seville Avenue
Bellain Avenue Franklin Lane Madden Place Shawnee Trail
Bellevue Avenue Fremont Street Madison Place Shelton Street
Bentay Drive Garden Road Mamaroneck Avenue Soulard Street
Beverly Road (Downtown) Gardenside Lane Maple Avenue South Road
Bliss Farm Drive Genesee Trail Marion Avenue Sterling Avenue
Boxwood Lane Gleason Place Mathews Street Sterling Road
Bradford Avenue Glen Court Meadow Road Stratford Road
Bradford Place Glen Drive Meadow Street Sunny Hill Drive
Bradford Street Glen Oaks Drive Mittman Road Sunnyridge Plaza
Braxmar Drive North Glendale Road Muchmore Road Sunnyridge Road
Braxmar Drive South Glenwood Road Nelson Avenue Sunnyside Avenue
Briga Circle Grant Avenue New Haven Street Sunnyside Place
Broadway Greenway Road Noel Circle Sunset Lane
Brook View Lane Grove Street North Street Taconic Trail
Brookside Lane Halstead Avenue Oak Street (Downtown) Tamarac Circle
Brown Place Hamilton Road Oakland Avenue Tamarac Trail
Bruce Avenue Harrington Place Old Woods Drive Taylor Avenue
Calvert Street Harris Lane Oneida Circle Taylor Lane
Canterbury Road North Harrison Avenue Orchard Place Temple Street
Canterbury Road South Haviland Road Orchard Street Teresa Lane
Caryl Lane Haviland Street Osborn Road Thatcher Avenue
Cayuga Trail Heineman Place Osborne Road  Trails End
Century Trail Henry Avenue Palma Drive Union Avenue
Claiborne Road Hess Avenue Park Avenue (Downtown) Valley Place
Clifford Place Highfield Road Park Drive South (# 1 thru 47) Valley Ridge Road
Clinton Lane Highland Road Park Place (Downtown) Walnut Lane
Coakley Avenue Holland Street Parkway Lane Webster Avenue
Colonial Place Homestead Lane Parsons Street Wendover Road
Commodore Avenue Homestead Place Pheasant's Run West End Place
Condit Street Hunter Street Pleasant Ridge Road West Street
Congress Street Hyatt Avenue Polly Park Road (#1 thru 205) Westwood Court
Cooper Place Indian Trail Post Place Westwood Drive
Crawford Road Ironwood Lane Purdy Street White Street
Cricklewood Lane Iroquois Trail Ramapo Circle Willets Road
Crotona Avenue Irving Place Ramapo Trail Winfield Avenue
Crystal Street James Road Regine Road Woodlands Road
Danner Avenue Justin Road Richardson Lane